Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day.
1 Chronicles 16:23
Worshiping in love @ MUMC
What to expect in 2021 at Middlesettlements United Methodist Church
(updated June 2021)


  1. In response to Holston Conference's updated COVID policies, mask wearing is now optional for those who have been fully vaccinated

  2. To allow for greater sitting capacity while still providing social distancing for those who prefer, one half of the sanctuary will be open seating (as in, no ropes to mark off elongated social distancing) while the other half will remain roped off at every other pew. Please choose the side that fits your comfort level.

  3. We are singing congregationally. Plans to resume choir later this summer are underway.

  4. An optional nursery is provided for children ages infant - 1st grade. 

  5. Sunday schools are starting back -- teachers and classes, please discuss/decide your own official schedules and start dates (and let us know if you need help!)

  6. Beginning in late July: Wednesday Night Activities (choir, meals, studies, etc.)


If you're joining us online, we continue with 2 ways to join our worship live:

  1. Facebook: Go to our facebook page (www.facebook.com/MiddlesettlementsUMC) and tune in! You do not need to have facebook to access our church's public page - you just need the internet. If you're new to Facebook Live, go to our church's main/public facebook page and scroll downwards until you see a video playing. This also will play on our website's facebook feed located under the "at home worship" tab (https:/www.middlesettlements.com/mumc-at-home-worship).

  2. Youtube: Catch the livestream on our church's Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ZXtcqNwqbcBv2jlkgQViA). Hit "subscribe" and you'll be notified of new videos as they're released. Our channel can also be found on our website, located under the "at home worship" tab above.

10:30am Sunday Service of Worship

As Christians, it is our joy and calling to worship God with our whole lives; at Middlesettlements, our worship service helps us do just that.  

In remembrance of that first Easter Sunday when our Risen Lord appeared to his disciples, we join together every Sunday morning to praise, proclaim, celebrate, listen and respond to God.  Our service features includes teaching, prayers, scripture readings, giving, confessions of faith, receiving the sacraments, and music featuring organ, guitar, piano, keyboard, praise team, and choir (choir is currently suspended).

You can read a bulletin from a recent 10:30 am service here.  Click here to listen to a sermon.

Nursery care is offered for all of our worship services. For more information about worship and children at Middlesettlements, click here.

Sanctuary at Middlesettlements UMC
Sunrise Service @ Field of Dreams
Vacation Bible School
Christmas Eve Service
STICKS (Youth)
Praise Team Practice

At Middlesettlements UMC, all people who love Christ, earnestly repent of their sin, and seek to be at peace with God and neighbor are invited to the Lord's table.  Prior to receiving communion, we invite you to search your heart, confess your sins, repent, and pursue reconciliation with all people.